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National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium

Come explore both historical exhibits and learn about history, and learn about and see up close tons of animals. Engage and learn more while having a fun time at the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium. Check out some of the many exhibits.

Fly over tho the Aviary exhibit and see some awesome birds. See the Red-Tailed hawk, and the United States bird, the American Bald Eagle. See these cool and fierce birds fly around and see their sharp beaks and talons. Get up close to these birds like never before.

Sail on over to the Bayou and see some cool reptiles. This slow moving water area is home to both the American Alligator and the Alligator snapping turtle. See these cool creatures swim around their marshy homeland and learn more about Bayous and swamps.

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Other Areas

Visit the Blacksmith shop for an awesome sight. Watch local blacksmiths perform various techniques. Watch them heat and move metals and quench. Watch as they craft their skills right before your eyes. The blacksmith area is a part of the Boat Shop. Here you can see how old ships were built with old techniques and designs.

Go to the Down in the Delta exhibit to see tons of animals up close. In the touch pool gently pet stingrays up in a unique hands-on experience. The exhibit also has hermit crabs, French grunt, spotted Goat-fish, and Hog-chokers. It also has three different types of stingrays.

Native American Exhibit
Walk over and enjoy the Fish River people Native American exhibit. Here you will learn about the people who inhabited the area for hundreds of years. See the clothes they wore, along with their art and tools. Learn about these Native American's culture and life. Come visit the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium to learn, engage, and be inspired like never before.